What Internet Browser should I Use?

CauseVox is compatible on all internet browsers EXCEPT Internet Explorer.

IOS/Android user friendly. 

How Do I Register?

Simple! Visit the Cabarrus or Charlotte Bowl For Kid Sake pages and click GET STARTED!

Or follow the links below:

Cabarrus – High School Challenge: HSCabarrusBFKS2019.causevox.com
Cabarrus – School Challenge: SchoolBFKS2019.causevox.com
Cabarrus – Community Challenge: CabarrusBFKS2019.causevox.com

Charlotte Bowl For Kids Sake – BFKS2019.causevox.com 

What can I customize on my personal/team page?

There is certain information in your Personal Fundraising Page that you have the freedom to customize. These include:

  • Your Picture 
  • Your Name 
  • Your Personal/Team Fundraising Page URL 
  • Introductory Email 
  • Fundraising Goal 
  • Fundraising Appeal

The look and feel of your pages (i.e color, fonts etc.) however, are preset by BBBSCC.

Why is my profile photo cutting off?

Your profile photo is cropped to a circle. To make sure your photo is aligned, please upload a square photo (with you in the center) under 3MBs with a minimum pixel dimension of 125px by 125px.

What does Create URL mean?

Through CauseVox, you are able to create a personal URL for your page and your team page. It can be the same as you or your teams name. 

*It cannot contain spaces*

How do I create or join a team?

First, create a personal fundraising page. Once created, click on your dashboard located by clicking on the B in the right hand corner. Then select “Join A Team” OR “Create A Team”. 

How can I share my page?

There’s two ways you can share your fundraising page on social media though the platform: using the social sharing tools on your page, and using the social sharing tools on in your fundraising page account.

Social Sharing On Your Site

Step 1: Navigate to your personal fundraising page and select the share button. 
Step 2: Select your preferred social media platform to share your page on.
Step 3: After you have added your message, post or send it.

Social Sharing From Within Your Account

In this section, you can edit and send messages about your Personal Fundraising Page to your network of contacts. You can do so in the following steps:

Step 1: Log into your Personal Fundraising Page Account.
Step 2: Click on the Share button from your Dashboard menu (accessed by selecting the B in the right hand corner or your personal page screen.)
Step 3: Select your preferred social media platform to share your page on. Note: From this screen, you can share a styled email out to your community by selecting the Email icon. 
Step 4: After you have added your message, post or send it.

Where can I add offline donations?

Only Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Carolinas can enter offline donations. Cash and Checks received as offline donations can be turned into the BBBSCC office with the following instructions:

  1. All Payments to be made out and mailed to:
    Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Carolinas
    3801 E Independence Rd 
    Charlotte, NC 28205

Please follow up with Campaign Administrator with any questions. 



How do I reach the campaign administrator?

You contact the admin of the campaign by going to the campaign site you donated through or signed up for a page under, and scroll to the bottom of the campaign.

The primary contact email address is listed under “About This Organization” and you can reach out to them with any questions you have about your donation or your personal fundraising page.

Charlotte: Samantha Kerr

Cabarrus: Connie Rheinecker

How can I see who donated to my campaign?

You’re able to see all the people who donated through your personal fundraising page when you log onto your page.

Once you’re logged in, you can select ‘View Donations’ from your dashboard to see a list of your donors. Here, you’ll see a list of the donations made through your personal fundraising page by date. You’ll see donors names, amounts, and their email address so you can reach out to them and thank them!

How do I access my Dashboard?

Select the B icon in the top right corner of your Personal or Team page to access your Dashboard.

When will a Donor receive their tax receipt?

A Donor will receive a donation receipt within minutes of making a donation. If they do not see it in their Inbox, we recommend checking their spam folder.

If they still don’t see it,  they can contact the admin of the campaign (the email address is listed at the very bottom of the campaign site under “About This Organization) and they can reissue a receipt.