Employment Application

Big Brothers Big Sisters Employment Application

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  • Experience

    Give past employment record completely, starting with present, or last employer, then each previous employer in date order. Include any civil service and reason for lapses, if any. Please list whom to call for job reference and telephone number.
  • References

  • Membership in Professional Organizations

  • Affirmation

    I understand and agree that any employment which subsequently may become effective between Big Brothers Big Sisters and the undersigned shall be predicated upon the truthfulness of the statements herein contained, and these statements shall be incorporated in and become part of the condition of my employment. I declare my answers to the questions on this application to be true, and I hereby give the right to investigate all references and secure additional information if necessary, prior to and after an offer of employment. I hereby release from liability or responsibility persons, companies or corporations furnishing such information.

    I submit this application with the understanding that proof of my authorization to work in the United States must be produced before my employment may be effected.

    I understand that the issuance of the application form does not indicate that there are any positions open and does not in any way obligate. If I am offered and accept employment, I agree to conform to the rules and regulations of Big Brothers Big Sisters. I understand that if I am offered and accept employment, my employment and compensation can be terminated, with or without cause at any time and for any reason, at the option of either or myself. I understand that Big Brothers Big Sisters policies and procedures do not constitute a contract of employment expressed or implied.

    If employed, I agree that I shall not, either during the course of my employment or at any time thereafter, disclose without authorization any confidential information.
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