Bowl for Kids’ Sake
February 2020

Join us to Empower Potential in Bowl For Kids’ Sake!


Empowering Potential means that we advocate and support Big Brothers and Big Sisters so that “Littles” (children) are provided a “Big” (mentors) who can walk alongside their Little and help them navigate obstacles in their path to success.


Your participation will help children in our community have access to their own mentor— helping pave a way for children like Elliot, who through our services discovered a future he never knew was possible with the guidance of his Mentor Mike.

To learn more about Elliot’s story visit A BIG IMPACT link below.

Our Bowl for Kids’ Sake campaign ends with a celebration! As a fundraiser you get to enjoy free bowling, delicious food, free soft drinks and tea. Plus you get a cool event t-shirt with our new branding!

10 Park Lanes
1700 Montford Dr.
Charlotte, NC 28209

Ignite the power and promise of youth!


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