Meet Our Matches

Real Lives – Big Impact!

The Big-Little relationship is the key to the success of our mentoring programs. Our staff works very hard to match Bigs and Littles who have similar interests and compatible personalities, and they provide support for the duration of the matches. This is why our community-based matches have an average length of more than three years, with some Bigs and Littles being paired for more than a decade. On this page, we introduce you to some of our wonderful matches.

Gerry and Destiny

Gerry and Destiny have developed a wonderful relationship over the past 2.5 years. Destiny recently graduated from 5th grade at Albemarle Road Elementary and was very excited to have Gerry attend. This Big and Little spend time at the YMCA together where they swim and enjoy other activities. In the words of Big Brothers Big Sisters’ Match Program Manager, Rhonda Bishara, “When Destiny enters a room, she lights it up with her joy and energy.”


Joe and Ahjahya

Joe and Ahjahya have been matched for one year. When Joe’s workplace (Channel 9 News) had a book drive, Ahjahya and his mom stopped by to make a donation. When Ahjahya’s school had a “father’s day” this past year, Joe attended with him so that Ahjahya didn’t feel left out. Recently, Ahjahya’s bike was destroyed when he was hit by a car. Fortunately, Ahjahya is fine. Joe and Big Brothers Big Sisters’ staff have teamed up to get Ahjahya a new bike!