Other Opportunities

You Can Play a Big Role

If being a Big doesn’t fit into your life plans right now, there are other ways you can support our vision that all children achieve success in life. Below are a few ways that you can help. Give us a call at (704) 910-1301 and we’ll find the right place for you.

Signature Fundraising Events

Each year, we host several signature fundraising events.  We have tons of fun as we work to create new, innovate ways to raise funds and friends through the events we host. Each event is made up of many parts:  donors, sponsors, logistics, and the team behind the scenes.  If you love to swim, are a good planner, or are a great team player, this might be a great place for you to help us reach even more Littles with life changing mentors. For more information, contact Stacy Greene, at stacy.greene@bbbscentralcarolinas.org or (704) 910-1301.

Skills-Based Support

Are you a photographer, designer, good writer, organizer, or social media guru?   Do you have a skill or particular interest or skill you would be willing to contribute?  Applying those skills to the mission of giving children new hope can be fulfilling to both them and you. Call (704) 910-1301 to let us know that you’re interested in helping support the mission of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Carolinas.