Be a Big

How do I become a Big?

Application -> Orientation -> Match Interview -> Little Introduction -> Ongoing Support

All volunteer Bigs go through a screening process to help create meaningful, lasting mentoring relationships. The application and enrollment process usually takes 4-8 weeks to complete. Volunteers are matched based on preferences and mutual interests. Once matched, you will have ongoing support throughout your mentoring relationship.

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Step 1: ApplicationVolunteer Process
Complete an application and background check. You will receive a call and email from an Enrollment and Match Specialist (EMS) to answer any questions and help make sure all of your information is submitted and complete.

  • In addition to your application, you’ll be asked to supply several pieces of information: a copy of your driver’s license, a printed statement of your auto insurance liability coverage, and the names of three references.
  • You will be required to submit a layered background check via Verified Volunteers at a nominal cost.

Step 2: Orientation
You will attend a pre-match orientation, that will provide you with an overview of the services offered by Big Brothers Big Sisters and a training session on child safety and healthy youth/mentor relationships.

Step 3: Match Interview 
A match meeting will be scheduled with your EMS, your potential Little, and his/her parent(s)/guardian. This interview is to get to know you better, so that Big Brothers Big Sisters can help make a match that takes into account your interests, background, and personality. Your EMS will make a final decision on acceptance in the program and will use the information you provided to find a “Little” who would be a good match for you. You will be contacted and presented with a “Little” profile to determine if this is a potential match.

Step 4: Little Introduction 
This is a chance for you to start getting to know each other in a supported environment. Your Match Support Specialist will help you introduce yourselves, and help you talk through what your first meeting together might be.

Step 5: Ongoing Support
Once the match is underway, you will be free to make plans to meet with your Little in the community.  Match Support Specialists will support you throughout your match relationship, through regular contact. These contacts are made mostly by phone or in person, and they give you an opportunity to celebrate your successes and voice any concerns you may have with someone who cares and is dedicated to making your match a lasting and fun mentor relationship.

Ready to be a Big?

Complete an online application or submit a printed application via email to, fax to (704) 910-5633, or hand deliver or mail to 3801 E. Independence Blvd, Charlotte, NC. Once we receive your application, a Big Brothers Big Sisters staff member will contact you.

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